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What is a windshield repair?
Windshield repair is a process that combines modern technology and skill to fill a damaged area on a windshield with special clear adhesive resin. When this resin is cured the damaged area’s strength is restored as is most of the clarity.

Why repair my windshield?
Repairing a damaged windshield makes sense for several reasons. Repairs save money by preventing the need for costly replacement, and are very convenient taking only a few minutes. Repairs are also safe, as the glass is never removed so the original factory seal is maintained. With the rising price of modern automotive windshields and the high rate of faulty installations, repairing is a very economical and convenient alternative to replacing.

Which damages can be repaired?
We repair stone damage or stone “chips” up to the size of a 50 cent piece, as well as a single long crack up to a length of 18 inches. Best results are obtained when the damage is repaired right away, before it gets contaminated from car washing, road grime or inclement weather. It’s also better to get it done before the damage spreads.

What does a repair cost?
A fraction of what you would pay for a replacement! The windshield on a modern car or SUV can cost from $300 to $500, even more if it has an antenna, defroster, sensor or other technology built in to it. The average cost to repair a windshield is $55.

Where do I get my windshield repaired?
We provide mobile service to the Milwaukee area. With an appointment, your windshield will be repaired in a few minutes. If you’re not in our area, find a service in your area using the Internet or the local yellow pages. If for any reason your windshield cannot be repaired, we will provide a free quote for the replacement of your windshield. Remember, your right to choose your own service provider is protected by state and federal law.

I called Jim for another repair today–bigger than the last one–and the service was as excellent as the first time around! Thanks, Jim!

~ Eve Brewer

“Jim was awesome. Came exactly when promised, and did great work at a very reasonable price.”

~ Melissa Zabel

“Courteous, quick and efficient and reasonable prices! I’ll return for other services.”

~ John Kowalkowski

“Jim did a great job on a windshield star chip. Professional and on-time. He comes to you! Call him right away if you get a chip!”

~ Louie Liapis